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Starting project group

GET /project/:ProjectId/start/area/:AreaId

Starting only specific group of Tests from project

Path Parameters
  • ProjectId string required

    A unique project ID

    Example: 5e9602e7a39e5a46428b457f
  • AreaId string required

    A unique area/group ID

    Example: 55ae166c25b395537a8b6029
Query Parameters
  • keep-alive boolean

    Maintain the connection after starting the tests

    Example: false
  • continue boolean

    Send the partial result and move on?

    Example: false
  • tests string[]

    Array of selected Test IDs to run


Job starts successfully

  • projectId string

    A unique Project ID

  • jobId string

    A unique ID for each Job

  • start string

    Value ok means your tests have successfully started

  • results string

    The URL where you can view your results