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Get test

GET /tests/:id

Retrieve test by unique test ID

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    A unique test ID

    Example: 5e9602e7a39e5a46428b457f

Test response

  • id string

    Check id

  • enabled boolean

    Default value: true

  • areaId

    Area ID

  • name string

    Name of check

  • url string

    URL of check

  • notice string

    Check notice

  • type string

    Possible values: [homepage, simple, favicon, robots]

  • run string

    Possible values: [completed, running]

  • flags string[]

    Test flags e.g. configured

  • status object
  • status string
  • failures string[]
  • rules object[]
  • Array [
  • type string

    Possible values: [text html status header location title meta-description meta-og:title meta-og:description meta-og:image meta-og:image meta-og:image meta-og:type meta-og:url meta-og:site_name meta-og:locale meta-og:updated_time meta-og:logo meta-article:modified_time meta-article:published_time meta-article:publisher meta-article:section meta-article:tag meta-twitter:title meta-twitter:image meta-twitter:image meta-twitter:description meta-twitter:card meta-twitter:site meta-twitter:creator meta-itemprop:name meta-itemprop:author meta-itemprop:description meta-itemprop:image]

    Default value: text

    Type of check

  • op string

    Possible values: [eq, sub, !sub, match, !match, xpath]

    Operators can be: eq is equal to, sub contains, !sub does not contains, match for exact match, !match for does not match and xpath for Xpath checks.

  • val string

    Value that will be used for check

  • origin string

    Original of the check

  • templateId string

    Optional parameter if check use a Template

  • order integer

    Order of the check

  • ]
  • response object
  • status string
  • httpStatus string
  • baseUrl string
  • contentType string
  • httpHeader string
  • processTime number
  • size number

    Size of response in case of check error

  • redirects string[]

    List of redirections

  • timing undefined[]
  • Array [
  • metrics string
  • value integer
  • ]
  • templateId string

    Template ID if any

  • templateVars string[]

    Template variables if any

  • options object
  • 2 boolean

    Default value: false

    Allow HTTP/1 requests only

  • 6 boolean

    Default value: false

    Allow only IPv6 request

  • g boolean

    Default value: false

    Do not accept gzip encoding

  • l boolean

    Default value: false

    Do not follow redirects

  • w string

    Extra HTTP headers separated