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About TestomatoBot

What is TestomatoBot?

TestomatoBot is the web crawler software and toolset used by Testomato to access checked websites, submit HTML Forms, downloads web pages and other resources that will be checked according to the project configurations of Testomato's users.

TestomatoBot using by default follow User-Agent string:

Testomatobot/1.0 (Linux x86_64; + minicrawler/5.1.2

Get list of all TestomatoBot IP addresses:

Open source code

TestomatoBot uses Minicrawler to perform an HTTP requests for a given URL to get an HTTP response, including headers. It was developed to have the smallest possible memory footprint, processor time consumption, and fit the needs of Testomato, as well as other internal projects. Minicrawler is open-sourced under the AGPL License.

We encourage you to check Minicrawler out and try it out for yourself. We welcome any suggestions or feedback you might have for ways we can improve it!


If you don't want Testomatobot to access your server (i.e. due to overloading), please contact us at